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The Futura Group of companies - Dedicated Retail Specialists

We help retailers to turn this weakening economy to their advantage, to increase sales, grow market share and re-engage customers to maximise loyalty. By getting back to basics:  improving performance, increasing efficiencies and cutting costs. With our solution customers are adding  value and are growing. 

We have dedicated the past 30 years to focus on the retail market to gain an unrivalled understanding of your needs.

Today, FuturERS is one of the most affordable, proven and reliable solutions available. Despite being so simple to use, it can analyze profits and fine tune promotional activity, yet be rapidly deployed to meet the most demanding timescales.  In addition, we offer you a sophisticated POS system, Futura helps to target shrinkage, balance stock levels to free up capital, avoid stock-outs, profile customers to build loyalty to give you a rapid return on investment.